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FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

To apply to HUBEK, candidates fill out the online form and upload their CV; They can also get information about the company’s transparent recruitment policies, the principle of equality and the advantages offered, and be prepared for the questions expected in job interviews.
To apply for a job, go to the "Open Positions" tab on the home page and select the relevant position. Then, fill out the application form and upload your CV to complete your application.
While filling out the application form, you can select and upload your CV from your computer using the "Upload CV" button. Accepted formats are PDF, Word or text files.
Yes, our job postings are updated regularly. Advertisements on our site are generally checked and updated on a weekly or daily basis.
The qualifications required for each position are stated in the details of the announcement. It is recommended that you carefully review the relevant advertisement before applying.
After your application is evaluated, those selected among the candidates are taken into the interview process. The first interview usually takes place over the phone or online platforms. Successful candidates are called for a second interview and then the evaluation process continues.
The requested documents may change as the recruitment process progresses. Generally, basic documents such as identity document, CV and diploma may be requested.
Employee benefits may vary by position and experience. In general, we offer advantages such as health insurance, career development opportunities and flexible working hours. You can review the relevant job posting for details.
Our recruitment policy is fair, transparent and equality-based. We evaluate candidates based on abilities and experience, without discrimination.
For problems encountered during the job application process or additional information requests, Contact Form. Also, join us on our social media accounts contact.

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